My team and I are excited to announce the launch of the McMains & Moreno Blog. We will focus on current issues affecting the medical tourism industry. We will also publish information and relevant material related to medical tourism, which may assist a medical traveler, the Consumer, in their decision-making process as they contemplate travel abroad for healthcare services.

Should Congress repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement, the high cost of the repeal will be borne by Americans. Once again, Americans will have to contemplate alternatives – viable alternatives - for healthcare services whether they obtain them domestically or abroad.

Over the past twelve years of my involvement in the medical tourism industry, I have seen ebbs and flows in the number of Americans’ consideration of obtaining medical services abroad with the cost of those services a top priority. As the industry has grown, Consumers have become more discerning - conducting research online on popular medical tourism destinations, evaluating standards maintained by foreign healthcare facilities, and analyzing the medical or specialty training, board certification and clinical outcomes of foreign healthcare providers.

Over the course of the life of this blog, my team and I will provide information, as objectively as possible, on the following:
1) The medical tourism industry as a whole - global trends, current data, destinations, challenges/opportunities, consumer risks, etc.;
2) What to contemplate prior to boarding a plane to a destination abroad for elective medical treatment or surgical procedure;
3) Issues regarding the industry - Hospital International Accreditation, Quality/Patient Safety/Clinical Outcome Standards and Protocols, Physician Board Certification; and,
4) Other important and pertinent information - destination safety, medical travel infrastructure, tourism impact on the industry, global hospital affiliations, etc.

We trust the information provided in our Blog serves as a guide as you, the Consumer, make your decision to seek treatment abroad. We look forward to your comments.

Warm regards,
Rosanna Gomez Moreno, J.D., M.A.
McMains & Moreno Global Consultants