McMains & Moreno Global Consulting, L.L.C. is a consulting, project development and logistical firm dedicated to building relationships with key industries in the global marketplace with special emphasis on the Healthcare Industry. Our firm was founded in response to the challenges of the growing liberalization of international trade and investment and the resulting increase for firms to think, plan, operate and invest globally.

We specialize in the development of projects focused on healthcare infrastructure, i.e. building ambulatory surgical facilities, creating international patient programs for healthcare institutions, launching strategic and marketing plans and representing companies in their global outreach efforts.

McMains & Moreno works in tandem with each Client providing a transformative business process expanding brand value, while making a global social impact.


Our mission is to help our Clients identify and realize their full potential by improving market share and strengthening services engaged in global business. We are committed to our core values of providing distinctive and lasting services by building long-term relationships with our Clients enhancing our Clients’ performance in their global long term strategies.

Meet Our Founders


Lupina McMains

Co-Founder & Partner
McMains & Moreno

Lupina McMains is co-founder and partner with McMains & Moreno Global Consultants. McMains is responsible for providing strategic leadership to companies, investors, developers and governments focused in the Latin American market. A recognized expert in the global marketing, airline and tourism industries, McMains works with clients seeking to elevate their profile, globally.

McMains attended the Instituto Motolinia earning a BA of Home Economics and earned a BA in Fine Arts from the Universidad de Nuevo Leon, in Monterrey, Mexico. Her entrepreneurial spirit and community leadership has been recognized by in Houston and New Orleans with declarations in her honor in 1997 and 2000, respectively.

McMains has received various awards from the Inter-American Chamber of Commerce, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the World Trade Center at the Greater Houston Partnership. She received the “2009 Top 100 Hispanic Women in Leadership: Outstanding Community Leader Award” from Hispanic Women in Leadership, the “2010 Female Executive of the Year” award at the Tribute to the Hispanic Woman by Sucesos Newspaper and Citgo Petroleum Company and the Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz “Woman of Achievement” award in March 2008 from the National Museum of Mexican Art of Chicago and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Ms. McMains is a featured speaker at events for Latin American women. Several newspapers, magazines, TV and Radio shows have covered her personal achievements as a Hispanic Woman success story. In addition, due to her past experience in the development of the Latin American market for Continental Airlines (United), Ms. McMains developed strong relationships in the diplomatic corps in the Americas.

McMains has served on several community boards which include Mexican Institute of Greater Houston, Hispanic Women in Leadership, Hispanic Cultural Institute, AVANCE, Bolivian Charity Foundation, Ripley House, Texas Art Institute, The City of Houston Mayor’s Latin American Advisory Board, Consular Forum of Houston, March of Dimes, Salvation Army, Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Inter-American Chamber of Commerce and the World Trade Center at the Greater Houston Partnership.

Ms. McMains can be reached at lmcmains@mcmainsmoreno.com.


Rosanna Moreno

McMains & Moreno Global Consultants

Rosanna Gomez Moreno is co-founder and partner at McMains & Moreno Global Consultants. Moreno is responsible for providing strategic leadership by working with clients to create, establish and structure long-term goals in healthcare development projects, including medical tourism program infrastructure. A recognized expert in medical tourism and global travel, Moreno is a frequent contributor to Medical Tourism Magazine covering global competitiveness, structuring international patient programs, marketing medical tourism online and perceptions of medical tourism destinations. She participates in global healthcare and medical tourism conferences around the world covering in-depth overviews of successful medical tourism programs for hospitals and clinics, global marketing and positioning, the travel and insurance industries impact on medical tourism and case studies of existing health care clusters globally.

Ms. Moreno has a B.A. from the University of Texas at San Antonio, an M.A. in International Relations with a concentration in Economics focused in Latin America from St. Mary’s University, and a Juris Doctorate from South Texas College of Law Houston. She is a member of the State Bar of Texas and currently, serves on the Advisory Board of the Miami-based Medical Tourism Association.

Ms. Moreno has received numerous awards, including the Global Outreach Award from the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce, the Ford Motor Company Mujeres Legendarias de Ford Award, and the Houston International Trade Development Council International Rising Star Award in 2015. Ms. Moreno has also received the following awards: Top 100 Hispanic Women in Leadership: Outstanding Community Leader Award from Hispanic Women in Leadership; Female Executive of the Year at the Tribute to the Hispanic Woman by Sucesos Newspaper and CITGO Petroleum Company; featured in the Canal ONCE (Mexico’s PBS) documentary titled, A Latina Professional: International Business Development; featured in Business Traveler Magazine titled, Talk Therapy: Tips on Business and Cultural Etiquette in Mexico; received the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Woman of Achievement Award from the National Museum of Mexican Art of Chicago and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; and received the Mujeres de las Americas award by the Hispanic Women in Leadership.

Ms. Moreno can be reached at rmoreno@mcmainsmoreno.com.

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